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J1047N Creativity & Expression in Cambodia.

Cambodia, Asia

Project Description

We believe that the arts are at the heart of a vital society. In Cambodia, culture and expression are the tools that will allow the young generation to write the story of the country’s future.

For 20  years, Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) has been advocating for the importance of arts and culture in the transformation of post-conflict societies.

CLA is a catalyst for creative and talented people to get the education and career opportunities that they deserve and to make an impact in their society. We work directly with artists, with teachers and students in public schools, with government and managers, and we create jobs for people through arts and cultural tourism.

We want your help with a project to nurture Creativity and Expression in Cambodia. Over the next 3 years, this project will support:

  • 24 young people with scholarships that allow them to complete technical and academic training, whilst being enrolled in a program of leadership development, networking building and social projects
  • 6 next generation leaders with fellowships that support their professional development so they can increase their influence and impact
  • 3 major public programs, featuring new works by emerging artists and engaging 7000 young people in reflection and dialogue

All our activities are firmly grounded in values of peace and human rights and explore and address what role arts can play in building acceptance and respect in all our societies. We understand our work as transformational and encourage our beneficiaries also to adopt a perspective that takes into account social and environmental issues.

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