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COVID-19 Appeals.

Project Description

Global Development Group (GDG) partners around the world are currently mobilizing and adjusting their programs in response to COVID-19. Many partners are initiating COVID-19 emergency relief projects in this time of enormous need. Below are several emergency relief projects being run by GDG partners.

J847E Cross Culture COVID-19 Emergency Response, India

Following reports of food scarcity the in-country team mobilized their resources to prepare and distribute 600 essential food kits to high risk communities. The team worked with local community leaders to identify beneficiaries in the most need. In-country the team is preparing a second round of food and essential item distrubution.

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J1028N Missionvale COVID-19 Appeal, South Africa

This project located in Missionvale, South Africa is initiating a COVID-19 emergency response to meet the needs of the most vulnerable during this pandemic. The team have identified a target group of orphaned and highly vulnerable children to work with at at this time.

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J925N COVID-19 Chennai Appeal, India

There is an urgent need to help very poor families survive COVID-19.

The Birds Nest India project supports women and families moving from the streets to the slums in the city of Chennai. The project usually assist by providing vocational training for women, contributing to education fees and materials for their children, and start-up home kits for more permanent accommodation (e.g. mats, cooking pots, fan).

But right now the need is more pressing. It is about getting through COVID-19.

The current challenge for 200 of the families previously assisted is that without a permanent address for 6 months or more, they are unable to register with the Government and receive ration cards. Therefore, they are denied access to Government help, including basic food rations, and cannot work under lock-down restrictions

How can we help?

For a donation of $20 per week per family or $80 per month, our partner can provide families in the slums with dry food and basic necessities.

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J778 COVID-19 Rwanda Appeal

The COVID-19 crisis is creating uncertainty for everyone, but the effects are potentially devastating for the women we support in the Developing World.

In response, we have set up a special Grassroots Rwanda appeal to support the women and their families from project supported Self Help Groups through this crisis.

Every $30 donation will help a woman come through this period with their homes and micro businesses intact.

We are starting with a goal to support 1,000 women in Nyamagabe. With an average of 5 family members that’s a total of 5,000 people supported through this crisis and indirectly another 20,000 community members.

These women are living in remote, but densely populated rural communities with limited access to healthcare and public health information. The network of Self Help Groups is ideal for quickly disseminating health, hygiene and safe family practice training to the women.

In addition, financial and material assistance will be provided to women whose income-generating opportunities have been terribly affected.

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J836NH EHA COVID-19 Emergency Project, India

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted globally and people are learning to live with the reality of the disease and the ‘new normal’ of social distancing and lockdowns. It is crucial during this time to plan with the most vulnerable in mind and to work towards building the resilience of our healthcare systems.

EHA (Emmanuel Hospital Association), a not for profit organization, is a network of 20 hospitals and 42 Community Development projects and has provided holistic health care and humanitarian services for the last 50 years.

With uncertainty and the real danger of COVID-19 positive case numbers increasing daily, the Indian government has undertaken several measures in combating the spread of COVID-19, most prominent being the nation-wide complete lock down since 25th March.  The sudden declaration of a lockdown greatly affected migrants, homeless, those who are stranded far from home and other marginalized communities, especially daily wage laborers, women, children, elderly and persons with disabilities.  With all services being shut down, there has been a loss of livelihood which is compounded by food scarcity, increased morbidity and mortality due to the inability to access health care services and the stigma associated with the disease.

EHA has willingly opened its Hospitals and responded to the current situation with the following initiatives:

  • Preparing hospitals and staff to respond to the crisis through trainings, sharing of protocols of care and treatment
  • Procuring personal protective equipment for health care workers
  • Treatment of patients
  • Supplying of cooked food, dry food packages for poor and marginalized families in local communities

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Global Development Group (GDG; ABN 57 102 400 993) is a charitable Non Government Organisation [NGO] carrying out humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty. All gifts over $2 are representative of project activities and are received as tax deductible donations in Australia. All donations are received subject to GDG’s donation and privacy policy ( If excess funds are received they may be applied to other approved project activities.
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