Is the end of poverty in sight?

In the past 25 years significant progress has been made in reducing extreme poverty. By 2015, less than 10% of the world’s population live in extreme poverty, compared to 37% in 1990[1]. There are also fewer infant deaths and those caused malaria, tuberculosis and HIV have all fallen significantly in the last 10-25 years. Considering that the global population continues to expand, these are remarkable improvements. [2]

Why has poverty reduced?

Economic growth in places like China and parts of North Africa has certainly made a difference. Other surrounding poorer countries have also been the beneficiaries.

Have global efforts in aid and development made a difference?

During the last ten years Global Development Group, alone, has given more than .25 billion dollars towards “building better lives for the world’s poorest people”.

Heather Tomlinson of Stewardship (UK) says, “Our giving and our efforts do matter. It matters to whom and how we give aid, and there is much to learn, but efforts to tackle poverty can work.”

When selecting projects at Global Development Group, one of the key elements we look for is how the locals are being equipped to do the work and how it will become increasingly self-sustaining. How are we setting them up for success, economic growth, meeting their own medical and sociological needs?  If we continue to build capacity in people, we find that eventually they don’t need our support. Once skills are taught and a pathway created, their own creativity and resourcefulness kick-in and they are able to see incredible transformation independently.

So what can we do?

We can continue to give—to quality capacity-building projects that seek to provide long-term poverty solutions!

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[1] Source: World Bank

[2] Information and blog idea derived from Heather Tomlinson’s piece on behalf of Stewardship (UK).