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2 Annual Report  Global Development Group


VISION                                                          DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT

We work towards a world where people live free of poverty       Established in 2002, Global Development Group is unique in
with the opportunity and the ability to shape their own lives.  that it has a wide diversity of projects in developing countries.

MISSION                                                         We have four entities:

Global Development Group exists to relieve poverty in a         Global Development Group (Australia) - ABN 57 102 400 993
tangible way and provide long-term solutions through the        with head office in Brisbane and representatives in Western
delivery of quality aid and development projects together with  Australia and New South Wales. Accountable to the Australian
our partners around the world.                                  Taxation Office (ATO), the Australian Charities and Not-
                                                                for-Profits Commission (ACNC), the Australian Council for
VALUES                                                          International Development (ACFID) and Department of Foreign
                                                                Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
Partnership – strong partnerships mean we accomplish more
together.                                                       Global Development Group (USA Inc) - (EIN 20-5988003)
                                                                located in Indiana has 501(c)(3) status and is a public charity.
Integrity, trust and loyalty – the fabric of every successful
relationship.                                                   Global Development Group Limited (NZ) is a tax-exempt
                                                                charity CC54017, has overseas doner status with the Inland
Quality – commitment to full accountability through project     Revenue Department and is a member of the Council for
monitoring, evaluation, feedback and continuous improvement     International Development (CID).
results in significant, long-term impact.
                                                                Global Development Group SCIO (UK) is a registered charity
Passion – loving what we do increases our effectiveness.        in the UK as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
                                                                (SCIO) Scottish Charity Number: SC051489.
Teamwork – unique talents combine to produce outstanding

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Kaeow is a loving and diligent grandmother from Thailand. Even though her husband, Jit, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, the couple have
shown incredible resilience to provide a nurturing family for their grandchildren. Since joining a family strengthening program run by project J1079
Building Stronger Families, Kaeow and Jit have been empowered to provide for the needs of their precious family.
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