J1183N Clean Water and Young Farmers, Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste, Southeast Asia

The Situation

Timor-Leste is the new country in Asia Pacific countries where just got its independence in 2002 (21 years old), a Democratic country that is member of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), joined ASEAN in 2022. Patriarchal system is very strong with 1.35 million populations based in 2023 census data.

The village of Molop is locate in the border of Covalima municipality which is not access to the main road, clean water, police office, health centre and other public facilities due to the geographical situation where public and private transports cannot go during the raining seasons.

The most interesting cultural value from the population in the village of Molop are adopted the communal systems that were began since the several decades where it becomes a cultural norms which are working socially to support each other within the village as volunteers (one family construct the house then other family members within the village of Molop come and help to construct as a family no matter they are part of that family or not. And, if there are any actions in doing thing public such as improving the road then all people come out to support manually as they think that the road is improving for themselves in the village) this is the strongest community relations in that village.

Mostly community in Molop are farmer and the cassava, corns, beans are their main family resources to sustain the life. 90% of their agriculture products are only for family consumes and only 10% are send to local market for sell and buy the rice and basic needs.

The Anapal sub-village is located in the village of Molop, Bobonaro municipality, it has 377 total population (male 192 and female 182) with 98 households.

Since the Indonesian Occupation 1975 until now 2023, the population there only access to the water from the river because there is no clean water facilities exist. The community using river water to wash the clothes, shower and drink. However, during the heavy raining with flood then the community have to wait the flood stop to get the clean river water.

The Objectives 

To support the clean water accessibility for 377 population in Anapal sub-village, village of Molop and reduce the poverty through the community adaptation activities that will be developing with the water availabilities. 

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