J1175N Building Sustainable Communities in Zambia

Zambia, Africa

The Situation

Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development (CCCYD) is a Non-profit, Non-political and Nonreligious Organization which was established in 2005 and now operating in Solwezi District North western province of Zambia. The organization was established with the aim to help Orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), Youth and women improve their standards of Living through the provision of education support, vocational skills, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, provision of micro-entrepreneurship skills and as well as material support

Although Zambia has made significant progress in improving access to primary education, the percentage of children who are illiterate still remains high. According to the 2018 World Development report found that only 55% of grade 2 children in Zambia could not read a single word of a text


1. To promote access to quality education to the under privileged children such as orphans and vulnerable children to attend school from primary to secondary level.

2. To help young people discover their skills competences and talents that will enable them become responsible citizens through mentorship

3. To promote and enhance girls access to post-secondary education scholarship

4. To train the youth with practical and vocational skills that will help them meet the job market and also become self-reliance.

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