J1173N Safe Home Cambodia

Cambodia, Southeast Asia

The Situation

Post the Khmer Rouge Genocide in the 1970s, a nation of vulnerable orphans, without any parents, elders, leadership, government or police, became the target for a thriving child sex trade. Countless orphaned and homeless children living on the streets of Cambodia, were living in violent, abusive and dangerous situations. Children who were neglected, malnourished, physically and mentally abused, injured, and ill.

The Cambodian Government is committed to providing a safe future for Cambodian children, and partners with NGOs like us to solve this enormous challenge.

The Objectives

Safe Home is a loving home for the most vulnerable children in Cambodia; children rescued from the streets with traumatic pasts and presents that are beyond comprehension.

Each child comes to us physically, emotionally, and mentally damaged.

We will give them the future that every child deserves; a loving and nurturing family, comprehensive health care, education, play, full bellies, love and laughter.

We are a Cambodian registered NGO (Non Government Organisation... charity) in a highly regulated and heavily scrutinised environment.

We are not affiliated with a church.

We are not affiliated with any Government, or any other institutions.

We stand alone, and we are severely underfunded.

Desperately underfunded.

We need your help.

Please understand that we do not have outrageous overheads. We do not have a CEO sitting in a corner office somewhere. Every cent contributed goes directly to the hands on operations, securing the futures of the most vulnerable children in Cambodia.

Please consider if you could help change lives.

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