J1125N No Tillage Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

This project near the rural village of Menkao is run by local people with guidance from Australian agronomist, Bill Crabtree, and administrator, Monique Crabtree. One aim is to teach and empower the Congolese people to grow Maize and other crops using a mechanical planter and modern fertilizer and sprays, so they can become more food secure. Another aim is to teach them how to run a farming business using a paper trail, so they know how much they have spent on inputs and earned in profits. A third aim is to train the local agronomists in weed control and timely planting of crops. We are in our second season of the Demonstration farm and the word is spreading around the local area that there is a new way to farm with financial returns that can be above their expectations. Different stakeholders have asked the local team to help them level their land and plant the maize. Last season there were 11 hectares of maize. This season the team has planted 33 hectares of maize. The demonstration farm employs local, hardworking Congolese people who are below the poverty line. The Menkao community are very poor and there is no running water or electricity in the area.   They eat two meals per day because they can’t afford three. A local cement company has caught the Arise vision and partnered with us to provide the farm with Calcium Carbonate (lime) which is added to the acidic land to make it more crop friendly. The potential for this land and its people is great and Arise African Agriculture DRC appreciates your support. 

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