J1209N Empower Afghan Women Artisans

Afghanistan, Middle East

The Situation

The project aims to address the pressing need for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation among marginalised artisans in Afghanistan. With approximately 72% of the population living below the poverty line, limited access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities exacerbates the situation. Gender inequality further hinders economic participation, with only 16% of Afghan women in the labour force compared to 86% of men. The artisan community, possessing valuable traditional skills, faces challenges accessing global markets due to limited resources and digital infrastructure.

The Objectives

By providing access to online markets and support services through platforms like Awal and Aseel, the project seeks to uplift artisans, stimulate economic growth, and promote sustainable development in the region. 250 Direct beneficiaries of the project includes marginalized artisans in Afghanistan who will experience immediate benefits such as increased income, access to global markets, and empowerment through skill development and support services.

Families and dependents of the artisans will also benefit directly from improved household incomes, leading to better living conditions, access to education, healthcare, and an overall enhanced quality of life. Furthermore, approximately 4000 people will indirectly benefit from this project which includes: people hired by the artisans as a result of the artisans’ business expansion and their family members, and local vendors through selling raw materials to these artisans during and after the project.

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