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J854N Family FM 99.5 – Cambodia Broadcasting.

Cambodia, Asia

Project Description

Cambodia’s population is 14,952,665 (July 2012 est.). The percentage of females is more than males. The highest percentage of ages is from 15-24 years old (21.9%) and from 25-54 years old is 37.5% (with more female than male in both age groups). Phnom Penh City’s population where Far East Broadcasting Radio station- Family FM99.5 is based is 1,501,725 people (792,926 are women).

Project activities

FEBC Cambodia is a Family Radio in Khmer language based in Phnom Penh.  This project is enabling the Cambodian people to develop and improve their communities and country to the fullest potential by producing quality radio programming that addresses peoples’ holistic development needs in the area of physical, emotional, social and spiritual.  Voice of Love, a FM and short wave service, is on air for an hour morning and evening and potentially reaches 10 million – that is, two-thirds of Cambodia’s population.

Its programs are community based, community focused and involve the communities; and seek to bring HEALING, HOPE and HELP to people affiliated by poverty, sickness, abuse, depression and other problems in their families and communities. This is done by combination of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) broadcasting and direct social services benefiting vulnerable populations including family, men, women, children, youth, parents and grandparents.

The radio broadcasting frame is to help people have a happy family, healthy relationship and harmonious community. It is hoped to see change of adult behavior toward children and women realising their value and rights; change in family hygiene and safety living; change in economic/financial management; better relationship between husbands and wives demonstrating  love, faithfulness and respect; gender equality being practiced; increased holistic well-being of children, youth, women, families, married couples, parents to care for each other;  improved health of listeners; and improvement in other areas that will bring prosperity in every aspect of life.

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